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Staffing Solution.

Mumbai Rozgaar Pvt Ltd, offers end-to-end temporary / flexible staffing solutions that helps clients mitigate costs, enhance productivity, and manage workforce, in a more effective and efficient manner.

With a strong presence in India as well as an extensive experience background in this field, we ensure that you reap maximum benefits. We provide smart, innovative HR Solutions in all our branches all around the country: whether that is in Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata or Hyderabad. Acquiring temporary staff significantly reduces resource allocation costs, and offers you the flexibility to deploy Human Resources for a limited or a fixed period when required.

One of the key benefits of allocating temporary resources is that it leaves ample space for assessment of the employee, before recruiting him/her permanently.

Permanent Staffing Services companies in mumbai

At Mumbai Rozgaar Pvt Ltd, we provide all-round temporary staffing solutions and services such as -

Managed Services

We provide apt managed services, which comprise of sourcing temporary workforce for and management of an assigned task. We handle the supervision and control and assume responsibility of the end-result.

Professional Staffing

We provide highly skilled and proficient workforce like engineers and technicians in manufacturing units, software engineers in IT industry, MBA's and professional degree holders in other sectors. We cater to all major sectors and provide professional workforce covering all functions.

General Staffing (White Collar)

Our staffing solutions also include providing workforce with basic or general skills. These typically include graduates, who provide support functions across all kinds of office working environments.

General Staffing (Blue Collar)

We also source workforce engaged in a manufacturing set up which mainly comprises of undergraduates who draw minimum wages.

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Payroll & Compliance

We also provide companies with complete Payroll services. Allow us to be the ones Processing tedious aspects of your work while you focus on strategy, raising profitability and further developing your company.

Background Verification Services

VerifyDesk is an IT enabled background verification service, customers can effectively screen their job applicants and employees for any background credibility issues, by subscribing to VerifyDesk services. We do the comprehensive verifications which includes Employment, Education, Professional Reference, Address, Criminal Records, Criminal Database, ID Proof, Substance and Court Case

Key VerifyDesk features

  • A clearly stated job objective.
  • The highlights of your qualifications.
  • A presentation of directly relevant skills and experience.
  • Your work history in reverse chronological order.
  • A listing of relevant education and training.

background verification service provider companies in mumbai

Top 3 VerifyDesk benefits

  • Avert losses
    Prevent potential revenue, credibility, customer, data losses that can result from hiring people with dubious background
  • Save time
    Focus on core HR activities by leaving non-core activities such as background checks to the experts who manage it end to end, right from subject engagement for documents gathering
  • Go green
    As the entire process is managed online and records are stored online, customers are saved of paperwork - thereby reducing carbon footprint

Top 5 VerifyDesk advantages

  • Reliability
    100% of the verifications conducted are reported with evidence
  • Speed
    100% of the verifications conducted are bound by TAT commitments
  • Simplicity
    100% of the process involved is managed online
  • End to End Managed
    100% of the process is owned by us, this includes candidate engagement for document gathering
  • Online Records
    100% of the records such as reports, candidate documents etc are made available for easy reference in future.

Business Vertical

The products & services offered by TMI category:

Consultancy (HR & Retail Credit)


We provide consultancy and end-to-end solutions in the following specialized fields

In a fast growing, evolving & challenging environment like ours, it is important to keep pace with the changed scenarios & opportunities that are available around us. Our Consultants are professionals who bring in huge experience in their relevant area of specialization, having worked at various multi nationals in the past.

HR Management

The HR management consultancy includes partnering CEOs and HR Heads on matters relating to creation of HR Strategy, Talent Management Processes, Leadership Development Transformation Management, Compensation & Total Rewards Initiative, Helping companies to co create Industrial Relations and Employee Engagement programs amongst other areas.

This service is particularly useful for SMEs who do not have a full fledged HR department but are looking to implement best practices within the organization. If required, our consultant could also setup an entire HR Department which includes writing HR manuals and policies for our client company.

As a part of this initiative, we also provide specialized resources who would work with our clients on the shop floor, helping them identify areas of improvement and recommending changes and processes (both, policy related as well as process related) in the fields stated above. Effectively, you will be able to adopt industry best practices, without having to invest in employing full time resources till retirement.

building hr manual and defining process

HR Policy Document


  • To precipitate the thinking process (when preparing the policy document) on various HR related aspects of running the business in the current form as well as plan for future business growth.
  • To record the current HR policies followed by the company & implement changes if any, so that there is uniformity of understanding amongst all stakeholders, including staff members
  • To enable staff & department heads to run the office independently in the absence of Sr Management without losing Sr Management control over it
  • To project a professional picture to new joiners and reduce the element of bias when managing staff

Broad Content of HR policy

Broadly, the HR policy will contain various chapters which will include the following aspects:

  • About the company including organization chart
  • Recruitment & selection of staff including Job descriptions
  • Induction process for new staff
  • Pay & benefits
  • Leave policy
  • IT policy & guidelines
  • Performance appraisal
  • Training & development
  • Code of conduct & dignity at work
  • Leaving company
  • General

(Please include any other item that you deem necessary)

In addition, the document will also contain the following formats:

  • Application form for new joinees
  • Appointment letter format for new joinees
  • Confirmation letter format for those on probation
  • Induction checklist for new joinees
  • Job description format
  • Appraisal form format

These formats will be customized to suit the clients needs & requirements.

Approach & process:

  • Once the project objectives, broad content and commercials recorded in this document are formally approved, TMI will begin the process of preparing the policy document. At this time, the client will have to specify a single point contact for approving each section of the drafted policy document.
  • The first cut of the document will contain the skeleton with many blanks (for inputs from AB Brothers Management). It will also make reasonable assumptions on various policy matters in the draft document.
  • The first cut document will need to be internally debated by the client Management and inputs provided to TMI, for inclusion in the policy document.
  • Items that seem unreasonable and unpractical will be challenged by TMI to ensure robustness of the document. However, the final decision on all policy matters will solely and squarely lie with the client management.
  • Once the client provides their distinct approval for each Chapter of the Policy document, the document will go through a language refinement process.
  • A final consolidated document along with all formats / enclosures, post the refinement, will be formally handed over to the client for implementation within the organization, at which stage this project will be treated as complete.

The client will run the HR policy document past their legal / statutory experts to ensure that it confirms with the statutory requirements, before it is implemented.

If required, at the request of the client, TMI will make a joint formal presentation to their staff in order to explain the content of the HR policy document. If required, TMI will also arrange a half day hand holding meeting to clarify any implementation related doubts.


The entire project will consume approx 2 / 3 full calendar months for completion, after the formal approval / advance is received. However, both parties will need to display a sense of urgency in responding to inputs required during the documentation preparation stage.

Retail Credit

Consultancy on Retail Credit includes all Retail products like Credit Cards, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Auto Loans and Loan against Shares. Consultancy is provided on the entire Credit cycle ranging from Credit policy, Underwriting of loans, Portfolio Analysis to Collections & Fraud Control.

Retail consultancy could also include drawing up of a Collections training road map for the Collections hierarchy and conducting training for Collections tele callers as well as Third Party Collection Agents.

Business development outsourcing services provider companies in mumbai

Business Vertical

The products & services offered by TMI category:

Keynote Session

Keynote Session

We are geared to take on and provide "Keynote Sessions" which are delivered at the start or end of National & International Conferences, Seminars, Dealer / Channel partner meets, Award ceremonies, Recognition programs, Target settings meets, Performance review meets, Product launches & promotions, high profile corporate events etc.


  • To set a positive tone and environment for the event / conference planned
  • Help set a theme message for the event / conference
  • Create enthusiasm and involvement during the event
  • To enhance motivational levels amongst attendees
  • To inspire team members to meet event objective / business targets
  • Enhance levels of commitment, post the event

Approach & Techniques

  • Delivered through a pre decided main theme selected by the client
  • Battery of tools used: Gripping video clippings, Livewire speeches & Inspiring stories
  • Theme song used to create lasting impression and help high recall of theme message over a protracted period of time
  • Delivered by renowned specialist with vast & specialized experience
  • Fun filled and enjoyable management activities related to the theme
  • Healthy blend of fun along with serious managerial messages to suit the client’s need & occasion


Hourly slots, (as per event requirement) but generally one day or half day session

Content Theme

The objective of motivating participants is supported by a main theme which is agreed with the client, based on suitability of the occasion and overall message intended to be delivered at the event. A list of interesting and varied themes is available with us and can be provided to our client, in line with the end objective of the event.

If the client opts for managerial activities to be included in the Keynote Session, it can be supported by any one or more specific messages. A list of such varied messages is available with us and can be provided to our client.

Business Vertical

The products & services offered by TMI category:

Team Building Off-sites

Team Building Off-sites


  • To help team members bond together as a team and improve working relationship amongst team members at the work place.
  • To enhance motivational levels amongst team members
  • To inspire team members to take on challenging targets as an individual and / or as a collective group
  • Enhance levels of commitment for achieving corporate goals
  • Develop leadership skills at various levels
  • Such team building events are sometimes organized as a reward / incentive to staff since it would be a "day away" from work but also achieves a learning objective in the process

Approach & Techniques

  • Conducted by specialists only
  • Practical hands on, fun filled and enjoyable management activities followed by a debrief to bring out the learning aspects. Alternatively, the activities could be organized without a debrief, if the intent is to exclusively create a fun environment
  • Managerial activities are aimed at delivering one or more specific messages agreed with the client. A list of such varied, interesting & useful messages is available with us and can be provided to our client


  • Ideally run over an 8 to 16 hour period which includes various outdoor activities, leading to learning through structured activities
  • Can be customized to run over a 4 hour period with selected management aspects based on needs of the institution
  • 8 to 16 hours training can be spread over 1 or 2 full days
  • Such team building off-sites are best held at a venue away from the routine work place

Business Vertical

The products & services offered by TMI category:

Workshops & Training Programs

"Open house" & Customized Workshops

We deliver a range of "Open house" workshops which can be used by our clients to sponsor participants for the same. In addition, these "Open house" workshops can also be customized and delivered exclusively for a corporate, to cater to identified needs.

Powerful Speaking & Leadership Development

for Corporate success

learning and development services companies in mumbai


  • Develop the art of speaking convincingly, confidently & effectively with internal & external customers, peer groups and superiors.
  • Learn the art of thinking & speaking on your feet - impromptu
  • Develop leadership skills to take on greater responsibilities
  • Present yourself with greater confidence & enhance self image & image of the organization

Approach & Techniques

  • Practical hands on exposure through live simulated environment for best results
  • Sharing of valuable tips for effective and convincing oral communication while selling a product or an idea or one to one interactions with peers or superiors
  • Application of tips in a live environment with instant feedback
  • Management activities to develop leadership skills
  • Conducted by specialists only

Training Duration

  • Ideally delivered over a 24-hour training period which includes various practical exercises and structured activities
  • Can be customized to be delivered over a 16-hour period (Learning content remains unchanged but practice sessions reduced)
  • 24-hour or 16-hour training can be spread over sessions of 4 / 8 hours each, held once / twice weekly.


Powerful Speaking aspects generally covered

  • Speech Structure
  • Speech Objective
  • Gestures & Body Language
  • Voice Modulation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speech Conviction
  • Speech Inspiration
  • Tips on Impromptu speaking

Leadership Development Skills generally covered

  • Interpersonal
  • Listening
  • Organizing
  • Planning & Execution
  • Providing Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Mentoring
  • Delegation
  • Contingency Planning

(Emphasis is placed on aspects based on customer needs identified)

Please Note

This program is delivered as an "open house program" or an exclusive dedicated program for a corporate / specific audience. It can also be delivered to include only the "Powerful Speaking" module OR only the "Leadership Development" module.

Test Module - Powerful Speaking & Leadership Development

We also provide "Test Modules" of about 3.5 hours in order to help our clients to understand the approach and techniques used by us. Such modules generally serve as a precursor to the main fully fledged program.

Test modules are generally advocated to test the efficacy of the program. However, they also help in delivering the learning objective since valuable tips are also shared for such sessions. Test modules generally cover 1 aspect of Powerful Speaking and 1 aspect of Leadership Development.

Effective Communication


  • To understand, learn and practice the art of communicating precisely, clearly and effectively with the end objective of delivering on the purpose of the communication with internal & external customers.

Approach & Techniques

  • Conducted by specialists only
  • Practical hands on, fun filled and enjoyable management activities along with live scenarios practiced at the session


  • Realisation of ineffective communication with live examples
  • Tips / checklist for effective communication
  • Essence of presenting a business case
  • Practice of effective communication through 3 mediums of communication using live scenarios:
    • Face to face
    • Telephonic
    • E-mails / written communication

Training Duration

  • One day module spread over 8 hours

Effective Salesmanship

Our Sales related training can broadly be categorized into 2 main types -

  • Type 1 - Sales Calls & Relationship Management (objective is to learn how to make effective sales calls & build relationships)
  • Type 2 - Sales motivational training (objective is to inspire and recharge the team)

The Effective Salesmanship module can include both types or any one type stated above, based on the needs identified by our client.

Type 1 - Sales Calls & Relationship Management


  • To make effective Sales calls (Telephonic & in person)
  • To help Sales staff present themselves convincingly & professionally
  • To build relationships for repeat sales

Approach & Tools

  • Interactive, practical & participative
  • Activities, role plays, debriefs and audio–video clippings


  • Secrets of an effective Sales call (Pre, during & post calls)
  • Convincing the customer
  • Winning the customers confidence
  • Business Etiquette
  • Grooming
  • Listening & responding skills
  • Understanding & adapting self and target audience / customer
  • Assertiveness
  • Relationship Management

Type 2 - Sales motivational training


  • To motivate the team & set them on a high
  • To recharge the team depending on current low points of performance
  • To inspire the team to take up challenging targets

Possible Content themes for Sales motivation

  • Win, no matter what - It"s about attitude & commitment
  • Chase targets intensely - Like your life depends on it
  • Be led by goals - Goals add purpose to what we do
  • Redefine your possibilities - Nothing is impossible
  • Assume no limits – Redefine your best
  • See failure in new light - Failure is not the end. It is the beginning of a new life.
  • Harness the power of persistence. Hold on to your vision… and persist.
  • Think different - If you want to achieve big things in life, think differently and act differently
  • View pain as progress - When you experience pain it means you are making progress.
  • Give it your best shot - Winner do not win by chance but by design.

Service Excellence

This program can be delivered with an aim to create a "culture change" within the organization OR to create a realization, understanding & resolution of Customer Service issues amongst an identified group of staff members.

If the intent is to bring about a "culture change" across the organization, Talent Management Inc can deliver a series of activities to reiterate the Customer Excellence sentiment, thereby creating a service excellence culture change.


  • To develop a service culture within the organization
  • To help participants create a compelling customer experience that makes customers want to do business with you
  • Make service excellence a clear differentiator for your company amongst competitors.
  • To help understand how Monetizing the singular value of a customer can impact your organizations bottom line
  • To help understand the consequences of a satisfied / dissatisfied customer and the direct & indirect impact on your organization
  • Understand the 'Profile of an excellent provider of customer service'

Approach & Techniques

  • Can be delivered as a 2 day stand-alone training module or as a series of sessions in order to create a service excellence culture within the organization.
  • Practical hands-on mock sessions
  • Managerial activities followed by a debrief to bring out the learning aspects
  • Sharing of valuable tips on creating a service culture


  • Attitude (Positive, Service oriented, the "extra" bit, Wow factor, Personalized attention)
  • Reliability & Assurance (Building trust, Owning responsibility)
  • Tangibles (Meeting room, self presentation, Full & accurate information)
  • Empathy (Customer"s perspective, Listening, Keep customer informed)
  • Building & Maintaining relationships
  • Handling difficult customers & sensitive situations

Leadership Development


  • Be conscious of varied Leadership styles & Leadership aspects
  • Develop leadership skills to take on greater responsibilities
  • Present yourself with greater confidence & enhance self image & image of the organization

Approach & Techniques

  • Conducted by specialists only
  • Practical hands on exposure through live simulated environment for best results
  • Includes various practical exercises / structured activities

Training Duration

  • Each Leadership aspect (stated below) is covered over 3 hour modules
  • Based on corporate needs / number of aspects chosen, these 3 hour modules can be delivered at one go or spread over a few days / weeks, to suit corporate convenience


Leadership Development aspects which can be covered in 3 hour modules each, are as follows:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening
  • Organizing
  • Planning & Execution
  • Providing Feedback
  • Time Management
  • Mentoring
  • Delegation
  • Goal setting
  • Contingency Planning
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Thinking

(In addition, other Leadership aspects based on specific corporate / customer needs can also be covered)


  • Campus to Corporate
  • Lateral recruits

The objective & content stated below can be modified to suit Program (a) or (b), based on the corporate needs)


  • Preparing participants for the transition from Campus to Corporate Jobs
  • Accelerate the process of settling down for lateral recruits and help them align with new employer"s culture and expectations ASAP
  • To impart career specific practical inputs along with personality development
  • Create a positive & lasting impression of the organisation
  • To inculcate positive changes in the attitude & behavior of participants
  • To leverage new employee strength and energy to accelerate their productivity and therefore the Return on Investment for the organisation
  • To help participants improve their communication skills
  • To build confidence and develop self-esteem

Approach & Tools

  • Interactive, practical & participative
  • Session include various tools (Activities, Debriefs, Audio-Visual aids etc), based on objective & contents agreed for the program.

Training Duration

  • Each program can be run over a 5 day period OR as per client"s direction.


  • Corporate philosophy, values & culture
  • Perceptions v/s Real Corporate life
  • Goal setting and career planning
  • Business & corporate communication
  • Networking – Importance & skills
  • Business etiquette
  • Working as a team for organizational goal rather than just self interest
  • Work-life balance
  • Trust building
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Presentation skills
  • Time and stress management
  • Personal values
  • Conflict management
  • Grooming

Only Customized Programs

We are geared to customize and deliver exclusive programs to suit specific corporate needs, some of which are listed below

Program 1 - Introduction to Management - For newly promoted Managers

  • To transition from "being managed" to "managing" a team and taking on greater responsibility.

Program 2 - Managing Change

  • To understand how to manage change in a difficult and challenging environment

Program 3 - Supervisory & Team Leader Skills

  • To develop skills in supervising and managing a team so as to improve productivity

Program 4 - Negotiation Skills

  • To understand and practice each stage of the negotiation process that leads to a successful outcome.

Program 5 - Time Management

  • To provide guidance and tools on how to improve and manage time to your advantage

Program 6 - Goal Setting

  • To use "goals" as a tool to improve productivity and motivate oneself

Program 7 - Effective Meeting Workshop

  • To learn the art of making meetings more productive and accountable

Program 8 – Building Effective Teams & Team Players

  • To understand the characteristics of a successful team and inculcate effective team work

Program 9 - Creative Problem Solving

  • To learn the art of lateral thinking, understand problem solving techniques & creativity for corporate success.

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VP HR One of the Top ITES Company

Our experience with Mumbai Rozgaar team has been very pleasant and they have always delivered good numbers as per our expectations. On behalf of the entire group we wish Alan and his team all the luck for their future Endeavor In BPO Sector

BUSINESS HEAD One of the Corporate Giants

I have closely worked with Alan in meeting up with my leadership hiring‘s TATs. The co-ordination with Alan has been very commendable. The support was overwhelming. I would always wish to work with him on all my leadership profiles.

SR MANAGER - HR India's No 1 Share Market Company

Initially at inception I was very choosy to opt for Mumbai – Rozgaar services,however the co-ordination and quality of talent sourcing has been a key driver for me to assign more profile to Mumbai Rozgaar. They have helped me in closing few of my niche senior level profiles. Would definitely like to recommend Mumbai Rozgaar to my sister concern companies.

HEAD – HR One of the leading IT company

I know Alan since we used to work together in Intelenet, he was my counterpart in Training. As a Vendor for manpower support his contribution has been commendable. We wish him all the luck for his future endevours.

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